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Each year, counsellors at Kids Help Phone help millions of kids across Canada. They talk about families, friends, health, and hundreds of other things that kids face. There is no problem too big or too small.

What’s a charity?

Kids Help Phone is a charity, which means that our service is about helping people, not making money. Thousands of generous people have helped keep us going by giving us their time and energy. Others have donated their own money! We are so grateful for this support.

What does that have to do with me?

Organizations need money to keep going. That's why Kids Help Phone needs you. There are tons of way for you to help Kids Help Phone make a difference in someone's life.

Got 1 minute?

  • Tell a friend about Kids Help Phone. The more kids who know who we are, the more kids we can help!

Got 3 minutes?

Got more?

  • Start a Kids Help Phone School Club. You’ll get to lead activities throughout the school year to make an impact in your school!
  • Make greeting cards – Be creative! Make greeting cards for birthdays and holidays and sell them to your classmates, teachers, friends and family! Send the funds to Kids Help Phone.
  • Lemonade stand – Mix up some refreshing lemonade. You'll be amazed at how many people will want to buy a glass when they know it's for charity.

Other great ideas

  • Host a Kids Help Phone birthday party! – At your next birthday party, tell your friends that you’d like to help Kids Help Phone. Ask them for small donations instead of presents. You’ll feel amazing to know that you’re helping to keep a valuable charity alive.

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