How we use your info & feedback to make our services better

It’s important that Kids Help Phone understands the sorts of issues that the kids and teens who call, chat, or write to us are dealing with. This means that when you contact a counsellor, things like your age, gender and type of issue will be recorded. Sometimes we'll also ask you to help us improve our services by filling out a survey or answering some questions.

Is my information anonymous? Yes! Whenever Kids Help Phone uses your information we take special steps to make sure that you are protected and respected.

What do you do with what I tell you?

Counsellor Supervision - To make sure our counsellors do the best job they can, counselling managers review Live Chat conversations with counsellors, and sometimes listen to phone conversations. We save chat transcripts, and sometimes tape phone conversations to help supervise and train counsellors.

Raising Awareness – We want the public to understand the issues facing young people. We also want every kid and teen in Canada to know that Kids Help Phone is there for them. To do this, we sometimes use quotes from young people in ads, news stories, or when we communicate with Kids Help Phone partners (i.e. schools, funders, and other youth services).

Research & Evaluation – We might sometimes ask you to take part in a survey or to answer some questions about our services. We do this to get your feedback on how we are doing and to better understand some of the issues you’re facing.

Fundraising - Kids Help Phone depends on donations from people and businesses to keep our services running. Sometimes we use quotes from callers, posters and chatters to help us raise money to continue providing our services. When people read quotes from actual kids and teens that use our service, it helps them to understand how important Kids Help Phone is.

The bottom line:

Whether it’s a counselling manager, Kids Help Phone staff, or a researcher using your information or quotes:

  • we make sure any information that could identify you is taken out
  • we never report your username
  • we make sure that what you tell us is stored in a secure place

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