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Here’s some information that might be helpful to you if you’re doing a school project about Kids Help Phone.

What is Kids Help Phone?
Kids Help Phone is a charity that provides free, anonymous and confidential counselling, referrals, and information to youth across Canada from ages 5 to 20. We offer counselling by phone and online, in both English and French. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Did You Know?

In 2010, the top 3 issues kids contacted us about were mental health concerns, peer concerns and family.

We took our first calls on May 16, 1989.

How many kids does KHP help each year?
In 2009, we received close to 210,000 calls and answered 25,000 posts on our website.

What do kids and teens contact KHP about?
Kids and teens can contact KHP about any problem, big or small. Our counsellors talk to kids and teens about many different issues, including friendship, puberty, and dating, bullying, sexual health, physical and emotional health, violence and abuse, suicide, addictions, and self-injury.

What’s the difference between phone and web counselling?
Phone counselling allows youth to speak immediately and directly to a counsellor. It’s great for youth who need to talk to someone right away. Web counselling works a little differently. Users can post messages to our online forums, and each message gets a personal response from a counsellor. Web posts are great for youth who need more time to think about what they want to say, and who aren’t in a rush for an answer. Web posts are usually answered within three days or less.

Who are the KHP counsellors?
KHP counsellors are trained professionals. They are not volunteers. Our counsellors have a degree or diploma in applied social science (for example, psychology or social work), as well as three to five years’ experience working with youth.

How is KHP funded?
Our funding comes from donations from individuals, foundations, clubs and associations. Corporate sponsors also contribute funds and sponsor fundraising events.

Does KHP have any major fundraising events?
We sure do! The Walk so Kids Can Talk takes place on the first Sunday in May. By far our largest fundraiser, this event brings in over $2 million each year, from over 50 counties across Canada. Another important fundraising event is the BMO Boolathon, a Hallowe’en-themed bowling event, which happens on the last weekend of October. The Night to Nurture Gala is an annual fundraising dinner that is held in January each year. Additional events across Canada also help us achieve our fundraising goals.

How much of Kids Help Phone’s fundraising revenue goes toward the counselling service?
A lot! Here’s how our fundraising revenue is spent:
• 56% goes to our service, including phone and web counselling, as well as public education
• 33% goes toward fund development costs (which allow us to run events and market to donors)
• 6% goes covers administrative costs (rent for our offices, payroll processing, Information Technology, finance, and clerical)
• 4% goes to donor development, which is how we ensure that our organization will still be here in the future
• 1% goes to depreciation and amortization

Does KHP have volunteers? What do they do?
Kids Help Phone would not be possible without the help of our 10,000 volunteers across the country. Our volunteers help us tell more kids and teens about our services. They are also key players and supporters at fundraising events.

How do kids find out about KHP?
There are lots of ways kids find out about KHP:

  • Our logo is on Kellogg’s cereal boxes, Parmalat milk cartons, Boston Pizza boxes, Nestle chocolate bars, and on food packaging in school cafeterias.
  • Ads in magazines, in subways, and on TV are a big part of making youth aware of our services, too. Canadian bands sometimes post our logo at the end of music videos that are related to youth issues.
  • We send information to 15,000 schools across Canada each year, which means that students hear about us through guidance counsellors and teachers.

Where do I learn more on specific youth issues?
For information on specific topics (like bullying, depression, etc.), visit our Info Booth.

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