Panic and anxiety

Anxiety is a word that includes different feelings of fear, nervousness, and panic. These feelings can come from specific worries, or they might seem to come from nowhere. Either way, anxiety can be uncomfortable and prevent you from being yourself.

 Some types of anxiety are healthy. For starters, anxiety can motivate you to get things done. Here’s an example: When you feel anxious about an upcoming test, you probably push yourself to study harder, which helps you to do better. Anxious feelings can also be a sign that you feel threatened in some way—tuning into those signals can help you get away from unsafe situations.


Anxiety disorders are different from normal anxiety or stress. A disorder is something that gets in the way of your daily life.

In this section, you’ll learn about anxiety disorders and different ways of coping with them. You’ll learn exercises that can help you keep your cool, and get tips on how to help a friend.

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