Strong friendships

It’s important to have friends throughout your life.

Whenever something major happens, my best friend is the first person to know. He just really gets me.When you were a baby, your bff might have been your stuffed elephant or the family cat. As a kid, you formed fast friends with almost anyone—the bus driver, the other kids in your class, the librarian. But things change in adolescence. Friendships become tighter, the stakes higher. That’s why it’s important to be able to tell which friendships are strong, and which are rocky.

Positive friendships feel good

Feeling accepted, respected, and like you can talk openly with your friend are all good signs that you’re in a strong friendship.  But it’s not just about how your friend makes you feel, it’s about how you feel about and treat them, too. 

  • Do you appreciate all the things that makes your friend unique?
  • Do you treat them with respect?
  • Do you listen to them when they share their thoughts and feelings with you?

Answering ‘yes’ to these questions are more signs that your friendship is a strong one.

Other signs of a strong friendship are:

  • Looking forward to seeing each other
  • Fighting fair when you do fight
  • Listening to each other, especially in an argument
  • Feeling like you can be yourself
  • Having fun together
  • Not feeling jealous of each other
  • Wanting to help your friend when something bad happens to them
  • Knowing that you can be honest with each other
  • Never having to worry that your friend will share your secrets, spread rumours about you, or talk about you behind your back

Are your friendships in good shape?

Try these quizzes and find out!

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