Safety Planner

You are important and you need to protect yourself. Having a plan ahead of time can help you when you’re in danger.

This page will help you make a safety plan. Memorize it. Print it out if you have a place where no one else will find it.


If you are ever in danger, you might forget your safety plan. Call the police, fire department, or another emergency service.

Get to a phone and dial 9-1-1 or 0. When your call is answered, say:

years old. I need help.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where you are or what the phone number is. The operator will help you. Stay on the line - do not hang up!



When I don’t feel safe, I can call these numbers.

A friend:

A friend’s parent:

A relative:

A neighbour:


If you have your own cell phone, you should add these numbers to your contacts. Enter them under a code name if you want to.



It’s a good idea to have a code word that means I’m in trouble and need help.

When I use the code word, the person I’m calling should:



Here’s where I can go if I don’t feel safe:

If I don’t feel safe at home, I can go to these places



Here’s how I will get to my safe place:

To get to your safe place, you can


It’s a good idea to keep bus fare or a bus ticket with your safety plan. You can also hide a bus ticket in your shoe so you always have it with you.

From now on, I will always have enough money with me to:



Some excuses I can use to avoid someone who makes me feel unsafe are:

Can you think of some other excuses?



If you don’t feel safe at home, it’s important to tell someone who can help you. Here are some people you can trust:

A relative

A friend’s parent:

A teacher, coach, principal

An adult from a church or other place of worship, community centre, or club


You can also always call us at Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868.

My Safety Plan

Congratulations, you’ve finished creating your Safety Plan. Click Print and put it someplace safe, or keep it with you.

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