"All my friends are telling me to tell the cops but i dont want to"


so like my cuzin whos gonna be called (edit) likes my ex bf whos names gonna be (edit) my cuzin only saw (edit) like for 5 mins one day, but we 3 way it once or twice, they started to add each other on fb and then (edit) started to add more and more of my friends that she only talked to on fb or on the phone. one of my friend told me that (edit) might have seen each other with my second cuzin((edit) first cuzin) without lettting me no... i didnt really care then yesterday (edit) and his 2 best friends add my second cuzin ( (edit) ) and i was wondering y since they nvr met each other. i remember (edit) telling me he was going out with friends i didnt no, so i asked one of his best friends (edit) once i was (edit) wat he did today he was like f^&# u and i kept asking and he kept saying tht. he threaten me tht he was gonnna delete my off of fb so i didnt even care about it and i was like idc cause your acting like a idiot, im aksing u a simple question and ur like over reacting and stuff.. momments later he made a group called i hate ( my name ) on fb....i nvr realized till my friend told me, and then more and more friends were telling me about it so i was like crying at home..all my friends told me to tell the cops, but i told my brother and my brother told his friend who joined the group and defend me, and made the admin say sorry to me... i dont accept the apology cause he said some really rude words and was really racist to me, and i dont no wat to do cause all my friends r telling me to tell the cops but i dont want to cause like i dont want my parents to get involved, but i do want justice, because the group isnt deleted p.s. about 9 friends reported on fb but they havent done anything yet

Answer from counsellor

I take it, this has been a rather difficult situation for you to deal and cope with. It can't be easy having someone say mean and rude things about you, but even worse, having those things exposed for everyone to see is very devastating and hurtful. What the person did is not ok.... in fact, it's downright wrong and yeah... it could be criminal. I can understand, given how hurtful this situation has been for you that you would want some sort of justice and be made whole again, but I'm wondering what that would look like for you. It sounds like the site administrator provided you with an apology, but you don't want to accept it because what they said was rude and racist and the site is still up and has not been taken down..... right??? I'm wondering if an apology with the site removed might make the situation better. What do you think??? It might make sense to think about what might make this whole situation better. I get the sense that your friends are very supportive and are giving you with sound advice, but you need to decide for yourself what it would take to make this better. You may request that the administrator remove the site altogether.... you may decide to delete the people that were hurtful to you as friends.... or like your friends stated, if the site is still up and the comments still visible, you do have the option of calling the police and reporting the situation. There's a whole section of the police that deal with internet crime and you may want to contact them and get some information before you make a decision. Getting informed does not cost anything and might be helpful in allowing you to decide what would be your next step. What do you think about that??? Would that be something that you might consider??? If you want, you can call and speak to a counsellor who can provide you with resources in your area... or even check our website for more tips and information on bullying. As for the counsellors.... they are always here and it's always free, anonymous and confidential. Take good care.