"Both of my boys have been abused by the same teacher."


I am concerned that both of my boys have been abused by the same teacher. I have suspected for several years about my youngest due to some different things that happened and recently thought that my oldest might also have had the same experience. Neither of them have said that they were and both of them tell me that I am crazy but I feel in my gut that something is not right. How do you get kids to tell and if it's years past can they forget? Will they remember one day? Or do they just not want to tell?

Answer from counsellor

Your concerns are definitely understandable. It sounds like you have a very strong intuitive sense, that both of your boys were abused by the same teacher. I'm really glad you reached out to us! Because we are a service just for kids, we would like to try and find resources for you to contact. Would you like to write us back and let us know the city/town where you live? We can help find you resources in your city/town and we will be sure to make edits to where you live, in order to try and protect your anonymity. You could also give us a call at 1.800.668.6868 to reach a Counsellor immediately, and the Counsellor can provide you with referrals. There is the Parent Resource Line in your province, which answers non-emergency questions concerning childhood development and parenting techniques. Perhaps they can help explore some of the answers to the questions you asked.. Their number is 403.205.5189. My best wishes to you.