"I feel like I'm the only one going through what I have been through."


I feel like I'm the only one who's going through what I have been through. I feel like Hermione who got half turned into a cat, then paralyzed, then took too many classes. It's been a rough year and I fear the next year will be worse. I needed someone to talk to so I went into a chat room. It wasn't much help because the guys in there only wanted one thing. I started talking with this really nice guy but when I wouldn't send him my picture he got furious and called me a bunch of names. Right now I just feel horrible for not doing anything. I want love. It is just really hard to find. Also I'm a introvert so that kind of made it difficult. Something has got to change. I just don't know where to start and how to fix my broken heart.

Answer from counsellor

I'm so glad that you reached out to us! It sounds like you are looking for a connection, and it can absolutely be a challenge when are an introvert for sure! First off, Hermione got turned into a cat?! Oh my goodness! I have only read the first book! So you have been feeling like Hermione who got turned into a cat, then paralyzed, then took too many classes, huh? Second off, I am extremely proud of you for saying no when this guy wanted a picture of you. That was smart. Who knows what he might have done with this picture if you had sent it! Calling you names because you refused to do something that you have a right to refuse is...awful and speaks about his character. A truly nice guy who not be upset with you for refusing to send pictures. He'd respect that and respect you. It sounds like you are dealing with a broken heart and hoping that you can find love to help mend that broken heart. But the challenge is that you're an introvert, which means it might be a challenge to socialize. Is there anywhere that you feel you would be comfortable going to try and connect with others? Perhaps a café, a library (as it seems you like books), maybe a class out in your community...like a cooking class, an art class, something magic or HP related? If you enjoy reading, maybe there are some books on introversion and how to thrive in an extroverted world, at your local library or on the web, that perhaps would be helpful! What do you think about that idea? Here is a link that talks about loneliness, which I hope will help: http://kidshelpphone.ca/Teens/InfoBooth/Emotional-Health/Isolation-And-Loneliness.aspx As well as many links on mending a broken heart, which I hope will help too: http://mindyourmind.ca/search/node/broken%20heart Broken hearts take time to heal. Please try and be patient with yourself and know that how you're feeling now, isn't permanent. Try to give yourself a ton of love, and do things that make you feel warm inside. Please know that you're not alone, and we're always here for you! Though Ask Us Online is closing, you are welcome to reach out to us on our telephone line and via IM Chat. If you are needing some supports in your community, like a one-on-one counsellor, we'd be happy to help find you some! I am wishing you the very best! "She showed that the answers to everything can be found in one of three places. Your books, your brain, or your heart." -Emma Watson/Hermione Granger/Harry Potter