"Is masturbation wrong in my case?"


Hi, Ive got some questions but first I need to tell you that i consider myself a christian so everything i talk about is christian wise not some other religion. The questions: Is masturbation wrong in my case? What is horny and is it ok to become it if your me? Is porn in accedental popups and commercials on websites ok? (actually the commercials are just dating websites so they usually have girls in thongs and bikinies so im not sure if this is ok accedentally or on purpose going to these sites if you know the website your going to has this stuff and you see it but don't go to that site for it. I sometimes also tend to stare and get a wierd feeling inside of me its good but wierd then afterwords I feel kind of guilty(I only stare for a few seconds then stop) Also The popups are porn websites i always close them right away and ususally only get a glimpse of whats going on but one time I hesitated and saw something i didn't really want to. I even stared for one or two seconds and then quickly closed it, i feel so guilty about it.) I'm seeing stuff I schouldn't be seeing and it would be ok if i didn't like it but i do and i get so tempted to look at it. Is this considered porn and is what im doing right now ok in my case? I know these are alot of questions but please answer them as fast as possible. thanks

Answer from counsellor

The questions that you presented are great questions. And, I hope that this will be helpful. From a Christian perspective we are made in God's image. And, we are all sexual beings. And, it is normal to feel sexual arousal when we look at people in a state of undress. It is also normal to masturbate. As for the pop ups and commercials. They happen. We see them. And, sometimes we are aroused by them. And, some people find relief masturbating during and after viewing them. So, what is the guilt about? And, unprotected sexual intercourse between a male and a female often results in the production of a child. Which is why the human race is still here, right? I mean we are not extinct yet... As for masturbation, in this day and age, it could also be viewed as a form of safe sex. I hope that this has been helpful! And, I want you to know that I was raised as a Christian and these are solely my beliefs and are in no way representative of Kids Help Phone.