"My best friends just stopped hanging out with me and I dont know why."


I'm okay.... I guess. It's just two of my best riends just stopped hanging out with me at lunch and I dont know why. I texted them and asked why. One replied with "we're taking a break". And the other replied with "I don't like hanging out with the same people " yet when they aren't hanging out with me, they are hanging with each other somewhere else. For the first couple weeks of this, they have been going to McDonald's or some other restaurants And it's been going on for about 3 months now. I came to find out on the last day of school before Christmas holiday they have been hanging out in a different place... still in the school just in a different place.You see when they hung out with me in the past, we move and eat lunch in different places around the school until we found a place they we all like to eat in ( where I eat lunch now. Ya so I eat there alone) i eat my lunch in the stairwell near the art room and i found out out that they have been eating near the fashion class room. ( which is one of the spots that we used to eat at before we found our permanent place) they didn't say that they don't want me to be their friend... They're just acting that why you know? It feels good to tell someone and feels good to get it off my chest

Answer from counsellor

I'm really sorry to hear about your best friends ditching you, and going off with each other. This is hard to take, especially when there's no real reason for it, meaning that there's been no argument or fight that has broken the friendship down. It's just kind of random, isn't it? You did ask them why, but neither really gave you any sensible reason for what they're doing. But good for you for trying to find out what's going on - you can't be responsible for their actions or the answers that they've given you. Part of what I'm saying here is that this behaviour looks bad on them, not you...though I know, it still hurts to be treated this way. I'm wondering if you have some other friends you could think about spending time with at lunch? I know it wouldn't be the same, as you're not as close to them, but over time you could become closer if you do hang out with them, right? How does this sound? If this is your last year of high school, it might be better to just keep to yourself, I don't know...or go to the library and do some homework or something like that. It's up to you, of course... It sounds like you still do want to consider these two girls to be your friends, though why a friend would treat you like this is a mystery, isn't it? And you might want to think if you consider them to still be YOUR friends...just a thought. Remember if you'd like to talk more about this, you can always give us a call 24/7 at 1-800-668-6868. It's free, anonymous and confidential so you can call and talk to one of us anytime, day or night. Take care and bye for now.