"My brother is being really violent towards me and our mom."


... My brother is being really violent towards me and our mom. Our mom refuses to admit he has issues. Just today, by brother threw my cat at the wall because she scratched him. I am worried for my saftey and what my brother's futer contains. If he continues this way, i hope i can leave with my mom and cat, and never return.

Answer from counsellor

Sounds like your brother is physically violent towards you, your mom, and your cat. As a result, you are left worried for your safety. Rightfully so. You describe that your mom is not really willing to admit that he has issues. In this post, we will talk about what is going on as well as ways that you can protect yourself and your animal. It would be frustrating, and I can imagine scary to be around that kind of violence. It is understandable why you feel like you want to leave and never return. If your brother is being violent at any given moment in time, please call 911 so they can put a stop to it and keep you safe in the moment. It appears that there are different types of abuse going on in your home. When you say your brother is “violent,” that sounds like there is some type of physical abuse going on. Hurting animals is not only cruel towards a helpless creature, it is also emotionally abusive for the people who have to witness it. Your mom refusing to admit or do anything about the violence is neglecting your safety and the cat’s safety, which is another form of abuse. In order to try and stay safe, it is important to get an adult involved who is willing and able to help. Children’s Aid Society is an organization that works with families in the community to help keep kids safe. They get involved if children are in situations of potential harm. To learn more about what happens after you make a report or more about CAS, you can visit our website below: https://www.kidshelpphone.ca/Kids/InfoBooth/Violence-and-Abuse/Abuse-in-the-family/Calling-the-police-or-child-protective-services.aspx I’m wondering if there are other adults in your life that you can reach out to. What about an adult at school or another family member? Whoever you decide to tell should get involved fast, and in a way that helps put a stop to the violence. If they don’t then it is important to find someone who will. You can always call a counsellor at Kids Help Phone to talk further about the options above, 1-800-668-6868. Reaching out to the Humane Society in the city you live in can be an option to help protect your animal. Something may be going on for your brother that is causing him to be violent. It does not justify his behavior, but counsellors here may be able to help him with whatever is going on if you wanted to suggest for him to contact us. Lastly, however you have managed to keep yourself safe up until this point, such as locking yourself in a room or avoiding your brother when you feel he may strike out, keep doing that. So given the situation and the options we have covered, it is important to bring in help from the outside. You will know it is help because the organization or the person will do something to stop the violence and abuse at home. Thanks for reaching out, this is something you can continue to do in order to try and make the situation safe.