"My life is ruined"


Hi , my life is ruined. I'm tired of people judging me by the cover , I'm not ugly ... but I'm not beautiful. But , since I'm not beautiful people don't like me. On Sunday , I was on my computer and a girl who was a contact on my MSN was copying all my stuff , my name , my messages and everything. And she said it was to bother me!! So , finally I grew tired and posted a note on her profile saying " Hey , can you please stop copying my stuff to bother me , thank you .' So , when she gets on messenger she starts freaking out and saying " You're so uncool , you have no friends , you're ugly ," and much more. And I was just sitting there quietly , not saying anything , so again I grew tired and said " Hey , are you listening to yourself? I'm just sitting here saying nothing and you keep calling me names." So , I grew very tired when she didn't stop after that so I said " Where are these words coming from? I never did anything. Ahhh , I know your ego it's coming from there." So , she sent an e-mail to everyone I know saying " She called me stupid , ugly , dumb , and much more mean stuff. She is mean don't talk to her." And people actually belive it!!! It is blowing down my self esteem! And one girl who I asumded got it , on my bus said well I sat in my seat " Hey , I know where you got yur shoes , Ardenes ... and they are ugly." So , I curled up in a ball next to the window almost ready to cry , looking at my shoes thinking " I don't think they are ugly , I like them." PLEASE HELP ME!! I FEEL DEPRESSED! Thank you!

Answer from counsellor

Awww, I'm sorry that you happened to you. You're absolutely right, it is hurtful and it is cyber bullying and it is NOT o.k. Through these posts we have no idea of what the person looks who is writing it. I can, however get a sense of what a person's inside is like and I have to say that you truly sound like a beautiful person. You're brave and sincere and sensitive. Those are all amazing qualities and nobody can take those away from you because they are part of who you are. It sounds like this girl did all of these things to upset you and get a reaction out of you. When you challenged her on msn, she decided to take things a step further which is pretty terrible. Did she send this email to your friends as well? How did they react to it? You have a couple of choices in what you can do from here. One, is that you can print out whatever emails, conversations that you have saved of what she said to you and you can take it the principal. Cyber bullying is taken quite seriously in many schools these days. Another option is to block her (from your email and msn) and ignore anything she says. Part of the reason she's doing this is to get a reaction (or bother) out of you. Once she sees that's not happening, there's a good chance that she'll stop harassing you. What do you think? Do either of these suggestions make sense to you? What would you feel comfortable doing? In the meantime hang in there, you've done nothing wrong. Spend some time with people that make you feel good about yourself and try and avoid those that say not so nice things. You have a lot of strength, I'm guessing much more than those people who are being hateful! At the end of the day, all that matters is that you like who you are and what you look like. I hope this helps and good luck with everything. We're always here if you need any help or support. Take good care of yourself and bye for now!