"This is sooo frustrating and i've already broken down crying over this."


Hey! So i'm in grade 11 taking university level courses. Everyone says that grade 11 Uni math is hard, but that's no where near the reason why my math mark is low. I have just as good of an understanding and am just as good at math as any of the kids getting 90s - my physics teacher bears witness of that. I just make reallyyyy stupid mistakes. Like the other day, we had to reduce the ratios of the SA of a sphere to the SA of a cylinder and I did well, i got the simplified ratio. But when i had to put in numbers and solve it, i accidentally multiplied two numbers that i was supposed to add. Or this one time, i was simplifying some exponential stuff and i had to 4th root the number 16, but i forgot about the tiny four and ended up square rooting it :/ It's stupid mistakes like that. Like I can teach math to my friends and stuff so that's not a problem. Idk what to do :( I want to show universities what my actual ability is, not this stupid mark im getting cause it's not what i actually deserve. And this is sooo frustrating and i've already broken down crying over this, idk what to do :/ double checking my tests doesn't work at times cause i still miss stuff, and i also freak out on tests, and it gets worse when i get to a question that im getting the wrong answer for - it just puts me off completely. :( please help!

Answer from counsellor

I'm glad you're finding it helpful to talk to us about your issues, and I can see that this one about math is extremely frustrating for you. So it's good you're here seeking some help to deal with it. Let's start with your math teacher...do they know how upset you are about this? Do they know your potential, in terms of understanding the concepts, and generally being as good as you are at math? I would assume they do, because it's usually obvious to a teacher, the kids who do, and don't understand their subject. So I'm wondering have you discussed this with your teacher? And if not, would you be willing to? Because they might be willing to help you deal with this, what do you think? Another option could be to get yourself a tutor, just for this subject. It might be a way to help you to review your work more slowly and thoroughly, so that you don't make these kinds of mistakes. Do you think it might help? Finally, you could also talk to your school counsellor about this, for some more support. They are there to help students, and being able to talk this out could help you a lot. Take care and bye for now.