"Is there something wrong with me?"


I don't know what to do. To start of my family says that I am to immature for my age. I am 15 and I sing a lot and laugh at anything that would be funny to me but not to others. My sisters say that I am annoying. My dad says that I am smart on paper but not in life. My aunt is constantly telling me to grow up. I just cant stop. I have tried, I tell myself that I can be normal so I sit down on the coach and tell myself to stay calm. It never works because next thing you know I am up on my feet looking for something to do. It can either be singing, drawing, cooking, eating, listening to music, or simply just trying to joke around with my parents. No matter what I do I cant stop. I know there is something wrong with me, I am the oldest and my siblings are more composed and calm. I also can not control my anger. it is weird because I would be just be laying down in my bed happy and relaxed then my sisters would come in the room like normal and they would try and include me in there conversation. I would refuse, then one of them would sit on my bed next to me then I would start yelling and telling them to get out of the room and i would get so mad that I would want to punch something then a few minutes later I would get out of the room still angry and I would hear them say a joke and all my anger would go away and were back to laughing and acting friendly as if nothing happened. I don't know what to do nor do I know what is wrong with me. Is there something wrong with me?

Answer from counsellor

I'm really glad you reached out to us and I can understand why you would be wondering if something is wrong with you, if you had others say things that make you wonder if and feel like something is wrong with you. What I'm wondering is if you felt like something was wrong with you, prior to hearing what your dad, your sisters and your aunt have said about you? What matter is your own opinion in terms of whether or not you feel something is wrong. To be honest, it sounds to me like you are a happy soul that is full of life and energy! You sing, and draw, and cook, and listen to music and you try to make those around you laugh. What is wrong about that?! I'm wondering if perhaps those who don't feel as energetic and full of life, might struggle with others who are. If it makes you happy to sing, and draw, and cook, and listen to music, and joke around, and laugh...then should you have to stop? Being happy is important! I'm wondering if the reason why you got mad when your sisters came into your room is because you were laying down in bed...happy and relaxed...and perhaps you didn't want that to be interrupted? Am I understanding correctly? It's okay if you wanted your space! When you're angry and yell, it's difficult for people to listen because no one wants to be yelled at. I'm wondering if they might have understood and respected your space if you tried to say it in a more calm way ("I wish to have some alone time right now." "Please knock on my door, rather than just coming into my room." Or, whatever it is that you wished to have expressed to her in terms of why you felt upset). Please let us know if I have misunderstood why you were feeling upset with your sisters coming into your room, and would like to talk about this some more. Here is a link on anger, should you be hoping to find out how to try and cope with the anger that you feel: kidshealth.org/teen/your_mind/emotions/deal_with_anger.html Please know that we're always here for you, so don`t ever hesitate to reach out to us should you need support! All my best! ``The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.`` -E.E. Cummings