If you are a young person who is looking for support you can contact a Kids Help Phone counsellor at 1 800 668 6868, or during our Live Chat hours. You can also find information on a range of topics by searching through our website.

About BroTalk

BroTalk was an initiative of Kids Help Phone’s made possible initially thanks to generous funding from the Movember Foundation, the leading global men’s health charity. BroTalk was specifically designed to support the mental and emotional health of teen guys.  BroTalk has now moved from a specific male-focused service to the name of Kids Help Phone’s strategy to support young males through all of our services and programs.

The need

BroTalk developed to address the fact that teen guys are less likely to reach out for help and, when they do, they are less likely to discuss mental and emotional health or suicide and suicide-related issues than teen girls. Teenage guys also engage in high-risk behaviours and die by suicide more frequently than young women. Addressing the root cause of these issues among young men was, and is, a key focus for this initiative.

BroTalk consisted of a free, confidential and anonymous service that provided counselling and information to help teen guys (and any male-identifying youth) tackle their challenges and stresses- big or small.  The service helped empower male youth to move forward and take on their challenges.

The service leveraged Kids Help Phones counsellors, who provided our male audiences with one-on-one counselling support. Our counsellors had the experience to guide and support these males though a wide range of issues.

Going forward

We have learned a great deal from the BroTalk initiative. Most importantly, we have learned more about they ways in which young males prefer to seek out mental health support, how they wish to engage with a counsellor if they do reach out, as well as how they want to access information about wellness and emotional wellbeing.  We have incorporated our learnings into the redevelopment of our website (including content and tools), as well as in some of the ways we have optimized our service offerings.   We will continue to use what we have learned in order to more effectively reach our male audience as well as better support them as they navigate through life’s challenges.

The following are some of the reactions that BroTalk service users had to the initiatives, which reflect the importance of Kids Help Phone being there for young males in time of need:

  • “Awesome concept of helping out teenage boys who often are seen like people who don't need help... But this is a great resource!”
  • “It is a very quick and reliable way to get to talk with someone who can help. I wouldn't even think for a second if I needed to talk again.”
  • “… this service really is amazing, The people are really understanding of any situation you can think of…”