10 inexpensive things to do with family this winter

Are you looking for something fun to do with your family this winter? Here are 10 free or inexpensive ways to enjoy the season.

With shorter days, longer nights and colder temperatures, the winter months can start to feel a little gloomy. It’s good to have things to look forward to — like spending time with family and friends — throughout the season. Here are some fun, inexpensive activities to try this winter:

1. Build a snowman

A fresh snowfall is all you need to build the perfect snowman. Go outside when the snow is good for packing and put your creation together. (Don’t forget the carrot nose and button eyes!)

2. Go tobogganing

Grab a sled and head to your nearest hill for a day of tobogganing. Be sure to have an adult check the hill to make sure it’s safe first. (It shouldn’t be on private property and needs to be clear of trees, fences and other hazards.)

3. Enjoy a night in

When it’s cold outside, it can be nice to spend a night in with family. Make some hot chocolate, watch a movie, try a new craft or play a board game together.

4. Go skating

If you live near an arena or rink, bring your skates (or borrow/rent a pair) and try doing a few laps on the ice. Better yet, find some sticks and a puck and invite some friends to play a game of hockey (a.k.a. shinny) during designated hours.

5. Volunteer your time

During the winter months, many organizations are in need of extra support. Consider volunteering your time as a family to support a charity you’re interested in for a few hours a week.

6. Bake a winter treat

Take some time on a blustery afternoon to bake up a storm in the kitchen. You can learn a new recipe or make one of your favourites using staples you already have at home.

7. Visit a sugar bush

If you live near a sugar bush, you can eat pancakes, go for a sleigh ride and taste maple syrup on snow for a low cost. Keep in mind most sugar bushes are in rural areas and take place at the end of winter. (Bring your boots — it can get muddy.)

8. Go to the library

Keep warm on a cold morning by visiting a public library (if there’s one in your area). Try out their family programs or check out materials your whole family will enjoy.

9. Try a winter hike

Visit your nearest nature centre or wooded area for a winter hike. You may get a chance to spot plants and animals you can’t see any other time of year. (If you have the equipment, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing could also be an option.)

10. Check out a community event

Check your area’s newspaper or website for a list of free winter events. Many communities host winter carnivals, markets and parades with lots of family activities like ice sculpting, face painting and more.

If the winter months start to feel a little dreary, you can always find a fun, inexpensive activity to try with your family this season.

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