Join Riley in the fight against bullying

At 14 years of age, Riley had just re-learned how to walk and talk.

He had tried to take his own life – the only escape he could see from relentless bullying at school. Luckily, he survived, but sustained a brain injury from the lack of oxygen.

Riley’s path to recovery was not easy but with family and community support, his outlook on life changed for the positive. It’s truly remarkable to see what Riley has achieved since that day when he tried to end his life.

Today, Riley is thriving as a spokesperson for bullying awareness and prevention.

Through his “Riley Against Bullying” campaign, he gives those who are being bullied a voice and raises money for Kids Help Phone – so no other kid has to endure what he did.

And with your powerful gift today you can help another young person make that same incredible transformation. You can help a kid who is struggling right now.

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Riley knows that having someone to ‘just listen’ can make such a difference in a young person’s life. And in those critical moment, when a kid is struggling with so much pain, help simply can’t wait.With your help, kids can find their inner strength and overcome bullying. Thank you for ensuring someone is always there to listen.