A Parent’s Perspective: The Ripple Effect of Your Kindness

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“Your kindness has touched more lives than you know – including mine.”


When I first learned about the Always There app, I put it on my kids’ phones and told them what it was and how to use it. But when I found out my son had actually been reaching out to Kids Help Phone, at first I was surprised … and then grateful.

My son has a hard time talking about his emotions, and I know it’s easier for him to chat online than to talk to me face-to-face. But he also said that counsellor is helping him develop the skills to be able to talk to me about issues he’s struggling with.

I’m really glad he has someone to talk to, and also glad you’re encouraging him to bring me into the discussion as well so I can better support him. By changing his life, you’ve changed mine, too.

Thank you for being there for my son when he needed you. I hope you’ll consider giving again today, to be there for the next kid in need.

Kids Help Phone donor and grateful parent

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