Kieran’s Story: How you’re reaching kids across Canada

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“Life just felt so overwhelming. I was questioning my identity. I was in so much pain. And I only saw one way to make it stop. But I found the courage to reach out for help.”


Your kindness brought 24/7 support to Kieran’s small Northern community, a region already grieving the loss of too many teens to suicide. Now, your support is vital in continuing to be there whenever kids like Kieran need help.

Kieran was just 10 years old when he first contemplated suicide. He struggled with depression and anxiety, trying to deal with the memories of abuse he’d suffered when he was very young.

By 13, Kieran was trying to make sense of his transgender identity. Living in a small community in Nunavut, there weren’t a lot of places for LGBTQ2S+ kids to find help.

But thanks to you, Kieran could turn to us. In remote areas with limited in-person counselling services, you provide a lifeline. Innovations like Live Chat and texting services are critical to reaching kids wherever they are.

Kieran is living proof that 24/7 support is so important. Will you donate now to make sure every kid’s distress signal gets the answer they deserve?

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