How you’re breaking barriers for kids in crisis

Kids experiencing mental health and other challenges often hesitate to come forward. They fear being teased by their peers, labelled as weak and even punished by adults. Thankfully, your support of Kids Help Phone helps to break down that stigma, showing kids that reaching out is a sign of strength.

It’s not always easy to ask for help.

A young boy struggling with anxiety, being told to ‘man up and deal with it’. A teenaged girl who builds up the courage to tell a friend about her self-harm, only to be told she’s ‘just looking for attention’.

Youth may hide or minimize their pain, suffering in silence rather than risking judgment, bullying and gossip. But pretending to be okay only masks the problem. And if a kid doesn’t feel like they can get the help they need, that problem can get worse and worse.

But with your gift today, kids will always have a place where they know that no one will judge them.

Nothing is off-limits or taboo for our professional counsellors and trained volunteers. They encourage kids to bring difficult subjects out into the open, in their own time. They validate the young person’s feelings, assure them they’re not alone, and let them know help is available for them, when they’re ready.

Far from feeling ashamed, your generosity reminds kids they can be proud when asking for help!

The best tools we have to fight stigma are education, open communication and listening without judgment. Thank you for giving youth a safe space to seek help, overcome stigma and uncover their own strength.

“I’m depressed, and I decided I had to reach out for help and tell my mom but she freaked out, she started yelling that I needed to go to a mental hospital and she would get child services to take me. I panicked and told her I was just exaggerating. She went with it and we never talked about it again. But nothing has changed. I’m still depressed. I’m scared to tell my therapist because I can’t let my mom find out. The time I told my mom I truly felt like my whole world was crashing down around me…What should I do?” — Kids Help Phone user

With your help, every young person in Canada will access the support they need in the way they need it most.


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