COVID-19: How you are making sure youth are never alone

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“My eyes are dry now, and I intend on keeping them this way for the rest of the night. Thank you for being there. I was so alone and so scared, and you helped a lot. Thank you.”

We’re all feeling the anxiety, stress, and loneliness of COVID-19 – and that goes for young people, too.

The number of youth contacting us has tripled, and texting conversations doubled overnight. Nearly all of them want to talk about how COVID-19 is impacting their lives. Some feel the intense loneliness of being isolated from friends, while others feel scared at how uncertain the world seems.

It’s one of the highest spikes we’ve ever seen – but it’s exactly what your gift ensures we’re there for.

Your kindness is meeting this unprecedented call for help by training more Crisis Responders and funding more counselling hours. And it’s working! 89% of youth who speak to a trusted adult say they feel better afterwards.

Because of you, no kid is struggling alone.

Your support reminds young people they are not alone and that help is always available!

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