Why Don and Christine make their monthly gift

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“There will always be kids in need.”

I remember exactly when Don and I decided to become monthly donors to Kids Help Phone.

We were already quite familiar with the organization, as our daughter works there. But it really hit home for me when we were sitting together watching TV, and a commercial came on for Kids Help Phone. It told the story of a teenager who was struggling all alone, and it spoke to me – it felt like a reality for many young people.

Right away, we knew we wanted to support youth more actively.

We thought about it, and decided to make a monthly commitment. For us, it’s way easier to give a little bit every month. And for the price of a coffee each day, I can know that youth are getting the help they need.

Not every kid is lucky enough to have strong support in their life, but all kids deserve it. All their thoughts, opinions and concerns are valid. I think Kids Help Phone treats every young person with the kindness and respect they deserve.

We feel confident that our gift is used wisely to make a real difference. We know that without support from donors like you and I, there is no Kids Help Phone – and that there’s always a young person in need that we’re helping with our gift each month.

-Don and Christine, monthly donors

Your support reminds young people they are not alone and that help is always available!

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