Kids Help Phone helped her… now she’s helping others

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From service user to supporter

When Kayla’s therapist suggested she reach out to Kids Help Phone between regular appointments, she found a caring counsellor ready to help. Today, she supports youth who are struggling as a donor.

I was bullied a lot in the twelfth grade. I was diagnosed with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and anxiety. At the time, I was seeing a therapist and psychiatrist, and they suggested I call Kids Help Phone in between appointments.

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Most people don’t know that with OCD you can have these obsessive thoughts that you can’t control. One evening, I was doing the dishes when my Mom walked by with a knife, and I got the urge to trip her. I didn’t do it but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I decided to call Kids Help Phone. A year later, I called again, this time because a friend of mine was mistreating me. The counsellor told me to look in the mirror and remind myself that I’m a good person – I really needed to hear that.

I want to make sure young people who are struggling know that no matter how dark and lonely it is, someone cares and wants to help. Your support of Kids Help Phone is proof!

There’s still a huge stigma towards mental health. By donating to Kids Help Phone and participating in the annual Walk so Kids Can Talk presented by BMO, I hope to help youth directly. Join me! Check out the Walk so Kids Can Talk in your area and together we’ll make sure Kids Help Phone is there for kids who need it, like I did.

– Kayla, Kids Help Phone donor since 2015


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