A young soldier’s pain

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A young soldier in crisis finds hope with one phone call

Suffering from PTSD since returning to Canada, the young soldier was thinking of ending his life. Kids Help Phone counsellor Carley helped him see all the positive things he had to live for.

I was on the night shift when I got a call I’ll never forget. The young man told me he’d been a soldier in the Middle East. Since returning to Canada, he’d been having trouble functioning.

A portrait of Carly, the counsellor who connected with this call for help.


He was only 20 years old and had already been through so much loss. He’d been diagnosed with PTSD and was trying to cope by drinking alcohol. His partner took their two kids away.

He said he was thinking about suicide. “I just feel like it’s going to be better for my kids that I do leave… even though I don’t want to leave,” he told me.

I grabbed onto that glimmer of hope. We talked about his kids and all the things in his life worth living for. Then we talked about his upcoming doctor’s appointment and how he could ask for help. Finally, he agreed to talk to his doctor about how he was feeling.

I’m glad I could be there for him that night and I’m so grateful to you for making it possible. Will you be there for other young people who are struggling by making a powerful gift to Kids Help Phone?

– Carley, Kids Help Phone counsellor

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