Matthew’s story

When the pain was too much, you were there.”


When I was 14, my older brother died.

It was so sudden. He was just about to start high school. The loss sent me into a major depression. By Christmas that year, I didn’t want to live anymore.

I tried to take my own life. And, as you’re reading this, so many youth are struggling with those same dark thoughts.

Did you know that Canada has the 3rd highest youth suicide rate in the world? Or that in the past 4 years, the number of youth calling Kids Help Phone to talk about suicide has nearly doubled?

That’s thousands of kids who are grappling with unimaginable pain, right now.

I lived through that same pain – and I’m so thankful to be here today. But without Kids Help Phone, I might not be.

As I was healing, Kids Help Phone became a lifeline. The counsellors went at my pace. They never pushed me for answers I didn’t have or forced me to take on demons I wasn’t ready to confront yet.

That space to work on myself, for myself, was huge. It’s why I give today. Will you join me, and give more young people that same space to heal?

Save the next kid’s life

Thank you for showing up for kids struggling with thoughts of suicide!