Carrie’s bullying story

Being the target of bullying can be hurtful, scary and isolating. For kids like Carrie, who have experienced bullying for years, it’s difficult for them to remember that they’re not alone. With your support, Kids Help Phone is able to be there for young people when they need us, and provide support to address the bullying. Read Carrie’s story below to learn more about how your support opens the door to kids in need.

Carrie’s Story

Do you know what it’s like to feel like everyone hates you? I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, but it’s something that happens to me.

I have a facial difference. My eyes droop and my mouth is a bit off centre. It was just something I was born with and only affects how I look, not how smart I am, or funny, or anything else. But kids at school don’t always know what to think of me, and they don’t give me a chance or try to get to know me.

I was so happy when the school holidays started but it seemed like they ended way too fast. I was so stressed out about going back to school so I reached out to Kids Help Phone because I didn’t know what else to do.

The counsellor and I talked and he said it sounded like I was being bullied. He said he was worried about how bad it was making me feel. We talked about me spending more time with people who are supportive and could help me cope, and who that might be. He told me that spending time with the people in my life who care about me can help remind me that the rumours aren’t true, and people say those things to try and hurt me.

The counsellor said I was a fighter and dealing with bullying for so long sounded exhausting. Then he encouraged me to let the school know the bullying was still happening. I didn’t want to at first, because I didn’t want more drama. He sent me a link to a bullying incident report to fill out – which helped!

I finally went to the principal’s office to talk about it and I brought my mom. It hasn’t been easy at school since, and there are definitely still kids who believed the rumours and say they hate me for things I never did and would never do. But I’ve been focusing on spending time with the kids in my acting class — people who care about me instead of those who won’t accept me. It really meant a lot to have a counsellor at Kids Help Phone listen to what I had to say. I needed someone to help me know there were things I could to stop the bullying and feel okay.


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