Tallah’s mental health and wellness story

“I’m hopeless and there’s no magic pill or words that will save me.” It’s words like this that remind us how much kids need Kids Help Phone. Kids like Tallah, who felt like her life was unravelling and only started to feel calm after talking to a counsellor at Kids Help Phone. Read Tallah’s story below to learn more about how your support opens the door to kids in need.

Tallah’s Story

If someone ever wrote a Wikipedia entry for me, you might be impressed: YouTuber with thousands of followers. Straight A student. Serious haircut.

When my online project first got big I spent so much time on it I stopped eating or sleeping. I thought I could sacrifice my physical and mental energy for success, but when I reached my goals I just felt drained, and blank. It was like my project was something I couldn’t stop or escape. The project was my life, but it wasn’t fun anymore. Nothing was. I felt hopeless, and like there was no magic pill or words that could save me.

My doctor had prescribed me anti-depressants and sleeping pills and I took them until they ran out, but I didn’t feel like they were doing anything for me. When I tried to get more pills, the clinic was already closed so I called Kids Help Phone hoping for some relief.

The counsellor suggested I might be blocking feelings because I’ve been hurting with stress and pain that’s gone unattended for a long time. That made sense to me. When I started describing the pressures of my online project the counsellor asked me if it’s possible for me to start creating places for myself where I can truly be me and be met with compassion and care. I didn’t know a place like that existed. Kids Help Phone has become one of those places.

I’m still devoting a lot of my time to my online project and schoolwork, but ongoing support is teaching me about setting boundaries so my life isn’t all work, 24/7. The difficult and painful thoughts and feelings I have inside my head took time to build in me, so I have to respect that working through this is a process that’s going to take some time. I was right about there not being a magic pill that could save me. It’s more complicated than that and not something I can expect to do on my own. It’s easier with the support of someone I can talk to. When I contact Kids Help Phone I start to feel calmer.


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