“I wish there had been someone there for me.”

When I first learned about Kids Help Phone, I remember thinking: “Wow. I wish there had been someone for me to call when I was a kid. I really could have used that emotional support.”  

I still remember how lost and lonely and sad I felt as an adolescent. I struggled with suicidal thoughts after hearing years of verbal abuse from my father and watching his physical abuse of my sister. So when I heard about Kids Help Phone, I thought, “That’s a charity I want to be involved with!”

“I wish there had been someone there for me.”

I’ve been incredibly fortunate in my life since moving away from home at the age of 18. I met my wonderful husband in university. He’s been my constant friend and source of emotional support over the last 46 years. But I know it doesn’t work out so easily for everyone.

I’m just so grateful Kids Help Phone is there today – offering support to kids suffering with the pain and anguish of abuse. In fact, my husband and I chose to become monthly donors because we feel so strongly about the need for this vital service!

- Lauri Sue Robertson, Kids Help Phone donor since 1997

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