The Safety Plan

At Kids Help Phone, our counsellors always try to end each crisis call or chat with a safety plan. It’s especially necessary in calls where some form of violence or abuse presents a risk to the caller.

First, the counsellor performs a risk assessment to determine the young person’s safety in the moment. Then, after offering whatever immediate assistance we can, we ensure they have a safety plan with tools and resources for support after the call.

The safety plan

For some calls, the safety plan is pretty simple. A teenage girl struggling with a breakup might say she’s going to take a bath or call a friend. For the more serious forms of abuse or self-harm, we might suggest they call 911 for immediate help. We always do our best to ensure callers have a next step they can take to stay safe until their emotion or overwhelming feelings subside.

Click here to find resources that can help youth create their own safety plans.

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