“All I want is to have a awesome body.”

This question was submitted to Kids Help Phone by a young person and answered by one of our professional counsellors.


hi im a bit worried about my weight. well VERY worried. im not worried that im too skinny. im worried that im too fat! although im skinnier then most my friends i keep HAVE to loose weight. my mom says ill never be skinny cause it doesnt run in my family and that i will probley stay the same weight. this makes me sad. but then i get really hungry…. then i start to cry cause i think u need to be skinnier!!!!!!!!” so then i tried excersizing and not eating junk food but i end up eating junk food cause i have no will power!!!! then i cry again cause .. all i want is to have a awesome body like the ones u can ware a really nice bathing suit in. HOW DO I DO THIS??? AND DO I HAVE A EATING DISORDER!?!?!? i really need you help


I’m glad you wrote to Kids Help Phone. I noticed the WORRIED icon. We don’t have any medical staff. We can’t diagnose anything. But since this is worrying you a lot right please see the Doctor and have a long talk about it. If you do need to lose weight, the Doctor will put you on a safe plan. One that he or she can monitor (including exercise). It’s not a good idea to compare yourself to friends because everyone is built differently. The Doctor will let you know what a good weight is for your body type. Going without eating is dangerous. No one loses weight that way. Think about your body as if it were a car. A car cannot run without gas or oil. The windshield wipers can’t operate without the special windshield fluid. Your body can’t function properly (neither can your brain) without food. When you have time take a look at the Canada Food Guide on line. It shows you everything that we are suppose to eat daily in order to remain healthy. Along with the quantities. You have experienced the rut. Not eating and then going for junk food. Eat all of your meals including snacks. Healthy snacks. No one should exercise without supervision or being shown how to do it safely. Except for walking. It is great. Try to drink more water and eat more dark green veggies. If you are trying to eat healthier, it will take a while for the junk/ toxins to exit the body. The water will help this process. Your way hasn’t worked. Don’t blame yourself. A Doctor, Nutritionist, or Dietician can give you some tips and new ways to go about this. What do you consider an awesome body? What is wrong with your body? When you look in the mirror what do you see? What in particular are you unhappy about? If a medical professional says that you don’t have to lose weight, what will need to happen to get you to accept yourself and appreciate your body? Hard question. What is wrong with the way you look in a bathing suit now? Sometimes accepting what mother nature gave us and learning how to work with it is easier than striving for something that won’t come. We can’t give you tips on losing weight. I encourage you to talk to your mother about healthy living and now to improve your overall eating habits. It’s normal to look at models, actresses, people in the community who have those bodies that you talk about. It’s normal to envy them. When you put your health at risk to be like them, that is the danger zone. Preventing yourself from eating is how ED’s get started. Please continue writing or call us so that we can help you. It’s obvious how much you are struggling. PS: The experts say that we should eat six smaller meals as opposed to three big ones. If you eat more often then you are less likely to gorge. See you soon?