“How much longer till im fully developed?”

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Hey guys. Umm well i posted that i was really flat chested. i still look likeit. but in the bath when i slouch they were a little bit there. they are still tiny. and pretty flat. but the nipple area is a little raised and u can see it thorugh my shirt. Like half a week ago they started ot feel the they were bruised. but they werent. Is that because they are developing? I have a stronger odor from my bottom half. maybe that has to do with developing too? I see a little bit of hair down there too. its fine, but noticible. so how far along do u thiink i am? im i developing? How much longer till im fully developed? Do you think i might get my period soon?


It sounds like you are ‘developing’ beautifully! I can’t really tell you how much more time you have going through the process of development – this is a very individual experience that is different for everyone. Some people take several years, and others go through it very quickly. For most girls, getting a period usually happens more towards the end of this process. I would try not to worry too much about timing. You want to try and enjoy the place where you are at right now. Going through puberty is almost like a loss of innocence that you can’t regain once it is gone. So enjoy it while it lasts!!! You will become a woman before you know it:) Take care

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