“I don’t want to live with them anymore…”

This question was submitted to Kids Help Phone by a young person and answered by one of our professional counsellors.


I know my parents have been emotionally abusing almost my entire life, and ive been told many times that I should tell someone and get help, but knowing my parents they would make up excuses, they say that I just want attention and they nobody would believe me. my two sisters would deny a lot that happens because they don’t realize that what my parents are doing is abuse. I don’t want to live with them anymore and I just want to get far away from my parents, but how can I get people to believe me and to get my sisters to help me and themselves? please answer as soon as possible.


I am so sorry that you are being abused and treated this way at home. You have a right to get the support and help for all that you are experiencing at home! Emotional abuse hurts deeply:(. You can’t change your parents yet you can change your own circumstances. Your parents may not acknowledge what they are doing to you and your sisters but that doesn’t mean that you can’t speak up on your own behalf.

What makes you believe that no-one will believe you? You deserve to be heard. It is natural to feel scared to tell someone perhaps because you believe all that your parents say and yet you know the truth. Have you considered that another adult will believe you and support you? Have you tried speaking to another adult? Is there another family member you can talk with?

You can speak with your school guidance counsellor or social worker, a teacher at your school. They can help refer you to Children’s Protection Services. You can call us anytime for support at Kids Help Phone, 1-800-668-6868, we are available 24 hrs, and we are completely confidential.

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