“I got mad so i stopped eating…”

This question was submitted to Kids Help Phone by a young person and answered by one of our professional counsellors.


I use to be (ed.) pounds at 13 and hated it because everyone made fun of me cause i was really fat.I got mad so i stopped eating and started to puke when i was hungry.I think i made a really bad choice because now i am (ed.) pounds at 13 and i keep losing it, i lost (ed.) pounds in 3 weeks.Overtime i eat something and i see i gained a pound a week later i will go to the bathroom and puke up tel there is nothing to puke.I want to stop but i just can’t, i don’t want to become fat again.I hate being skinny and being fat at the some time:( Please help me!


Ok- so first of all, I truly am glad that you decided to write in about this. I get the sense that you haven’t really shared much of this with anyone else, am I right? So I appreciate the courage you took to do this. I’m so sorry about the teasing you went through before….This must have hurt so much…You know what? These kids had no right to tease you, no matter what. Unfortunately there is so much pressure these days to look a certain way, especially for teenaged girls….I can understand why you’ve been going through all this… When you said you hate being skinny and fat at the same time, it makes sense….You’re not alone. Please remember this, okay? I think that what you hate is the struggle you’ve been dealing with when it comes to body image…which is something, as I said, so many young girls struggle with… I want you to know that counselling is one really good way to work on body image issues…..To help you become more at peace with your body…Once you can begin to focus on the health of your body, on focusing on the things you like and appreciate about it, this is the path towards healthy body image. Speaking of health…I felt pretty concerned about your health when I read about how you’ve been making yourself sick after you eat…This is really dangerous to your health…Doing this can affect so much- including your teeth (it can erode the enamel) and your heart…It can even become life threatening in some cases….The fact that you lost so much weight during a short time period also really worries me. It is important that you see a doctor as soon as possible, let him/her know about this, and have a check up, to make sure you’re okay. There is no shame in asking for help…and it is so important that you get this help, soon… Once you do this, you can also call/write us and we can locate some resources to help you through this. Also, you might want to check out the site www.nedic.ca, which is a national eating disorder site with lists of counsellors in each area. Please get the help you deserve so that you can be healthy, and happy…Take good care. I’m wishing you well along this healing journey…

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