“I have an eating disorder.”

This question was submitted to Kids Help Phone by a young person and answered by one of our professional counsellors.


I have an eating disorder and im not fat because i play soccer but im alittle worried that I might gain some weight since the season is ending.


It’s good to hear from you. Writing about this problem and being so honest is very mature. Males suffer from Eating disorders too and hopefully your courage will help other guys feel that it’s OK to talk about having an eating disorder. You made a great point about your weight and playing soccer. You’re absolutely right. Eating disorders are not about how a person looks. A person can appear to be athletic and still have problems with food. Having an eating disorder is more about coping with difficult emotions or using or not using food to feel better. Just like addiction or other addictive behaviours eating disorder can be a very difficult issue to deal with, so once again it’s great that you are talking about it. It sounds like playing soccer helps to keep your weight down. You mentioned that you’re worried that you’ll gain some weight since the season is ending, which is normal considering the amount of energy that is used playing soccer. Do you plan to continue another form of exercise? Would it matter if you gained some weight if you are still able to maintain the same level of fitness as when you’re playing soccer? Please remember that an eating disorder is not only about food. What’s more important is that you are at a healthy weight. A weight that allows you to exercise and be in good health. A person can be heavy and be in good physical shape just like a person can be thin and NOT be in good physical shape. Also remember that things like culture and family background can play a role in the kinds and amount of food we eat.. I hope you will continue to reach out and talk and share how you are feeling. I also hope that now that the soccer season is ending you will continue to be active and continue to stay in shape. I also hope you are eating regularly and consuming healthy foods that allow your body to grow and you to stay fit. Good luck and take care.