“I have some questions about suicide…”

This question was submitted to Kids Help Phone by a young person and answered by one of our professional counsellors.


I have some questions about suicide, please clarify: 1) If you are hospitalized for suicide attempt(s), what would happen to you? Would the doctor force you to go into counselling or to a mental hospital? Is it true that the doctor won’t release you until you tell them why you wanted to suicide? 2) How would calling 911 help when you are feeling suicidal? 3) What is the most commonly used suicide method among adolescents? Which method has the highest success rate? The lowest? 4) How can you prevent suicide thoughts if you don’t have any, and how can you get rid of suicide thoughts if you do? 5) If people know you are suicidal, how would they treat you differently? 6) When is suicide the only way out? Can you give an example? Thank you.


It is nice to hear from you I am glad you have some important questions today. In regards to hospitalisation after a suicide attempt it is really difficult to discuss specifics because it is treated in case by case manner. In most circumstances counselling is recommended and you could stay in the hospital until they deem you are not an immediate danger to yourself or anyone else. Yes, calling 911 can provide immediate assistance if you or someone else is at a high risk for suicide but it is not a counselling line. There are local distress lines and the Kids Help Phone counselling line that are also available for immediate assistance by someone who may be in distress. In regards to suicide methods and stats I would prefer not to comment on this for the fact it is probably not a good idea to discus such things in detail as some of our users are currently struggling in this area and do not need information on more successful ways to commit suicide. I am sure you will understand. If you connect with others, have a good support system and have healthy outlets for your anger and frustration then this may prevent you from getting to the point of feeling suicidal. If you begin to have suicidal thoughts then getting help as soon as possible is important. If someone you know is suicidal it is important to take them seriously, listen without judgement and help them get professional help. These are just some of the ways you can make a real difference in there lives. I don’t have examples of suicide being the only way out, at Kids Help Phone we always focus on hope and choosing life. It may seem that way for someone who is suicidal but history has proven with the right help most people can overcome this struggle. I hope my post has been helpful. Please take care.

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