“I want to be on Testosterone, but my mom wont allow it.”

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Hi, my name is [edit: name], and I am 16 years old. I am currently out as transgender FTM and really want to be on Testosterone, but my mom wont allow it. I know for sure that I am ready, but she still doesnt understand! I am very insecure about my voice, face, and pretty much everything female about “me” I was wondering if you could help me by explaining to me how to talk to my mom about it without wanting to punch the wall. Thanks


Hey, thanks for posting and sharing this with us. I can see where it’s got to be frustrating for you to have your mother blocking you from taking testosterone, and perhaps it might help if you had a counsellor to talk this over with…what do you think? Also, in some instances, counselling or therapy is recommended before taking testosterone, just to be sure no other issues are going on regarding your gender. Also, I’m wondering if you have a trans-friendly doctor? If not, and if you are living near enough to Fredericton, you can make an appointment with Clinic 554 as they do have trans-friendly doctors there. Or, perhaps there’s one that is closer to where you live, because it’s possible they could help by talking to you and your mother about this. How does that sound? And it might be helpful to have their help and advice anyway, as you go through this journey of FTM transitioning. What do you think? Feel free to call us to talk more about this, as Ask Us Online will be closing in a couple of days. It’s always free to call us, anonymous and anything you share will be confidential between you and the counsellor you speak with. We’re open 24 hours a day, everyday including all holidays, so you can call anytime and get a counsellor to talk to…here’s our number: 1-800-668-6868. Or trying our LIVE CHAT that is open every Wednesday to Sunday from 6pm to 2 am, EST. You will get to chat live, in real time, one-on-one with a counsellor privately…check elsewhere on this site for details about logging in for it and for the times it’s open locally for you. The days are the same all across Canada, but the time varies due to the time zones of the country. But do please come back and talk to us again…we’re always here to support you. bye for now.