“At what age does the penis start growing?”

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1.At what age does the penis start growing?? 2.and does sperm come after or b4 penis growth? 3.is it normal to have pubic hair before pit hair? 4.what is the average penis?? thx in advance


I’m glad you are asking what you are curious about. Smart! 1. As a boy grows up his penis will grow in size. But growth is the most noticeable during the teen years. 2. During the teen years a boy will ejaculate (come) when he has an orgasm. During puberty the penis and testicles increase in size quite a bit, usually between the ages of 11 and 15. Sometimes earlier, sometimes later because our bodies grow at different times. 3 Yes, that is very normal. Just like with penis/testicle size, hair growth also often happens at different times at different places. 4 Penis size varies from person to person. Some guys feel embarrassed because they think their penis is too long, others because they feel it’s too small. Our bodies grow the way they are designed to grow and it can take a while to accept that fact and become comfortable with how it looks! Many guys compare their penis size and wonder if their size is normal. (Just so you know, whatever the size, it has nothing to do with sexual performance or manliness.) Whatever the average size is, don’t forget that most boys and men have a size below or above that average. Your genes determine what your body will ultimately grow into and that you won’t know until well after puberty. If you still feel really worried, you can always have a check up at your doctor’s, just to make sure everything is OK. I hope this helps put your mind at ease! I wish you all the best!

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