“Who would knew the internet could be a feeding ground…”

This question was submitted to Kids Help Phone by a young person and answered by one of our professional counsellors.


I would ususally go to this asian forum and make some post. I’m pretty good with hair for guys, so I would give out some advices, and of course i’ve helped out people and I was getting thanks. While some members, look at me as being annoying, cocky… Still I decided to ignore these people. But until recently, there’s this member that’s been giving me attitude, I didn’t even do anything nor do I care very much. But it get worst when he start criticizing my work, my face, and other stuff. I give advices on how to do hairs, while other members post their pictures and get praises for it, nor do they even care to help other. And when I do give out advices, they are ready to attack me. I have some photoshoots done professionally and it was quite effeminate, I had no choice since I’m a model. And these people start accusing of being a homosexual… It got to a point I decided to not go on the forum, but there’s a part of me wondering what other stuff are said about me..so I went back…and it seems like there’s like a topic about me being un helpful, the laughing stalk…-_-. But I’m glad I went back, and got it out of my chest…There are somes that i helped in the past and was defending me..I was glad for that too. Mostly the ones that like to pick on me is the adults, while the youngers one are more innocent and did not take part in this. I’m quite amaze how these the adults acts like teens while the teens tends to be more mature. I thought school was the place bullying take place, who would knew the internet could be a feeding ground for these people. I’ll stop going to the forum, and erase my existance…


I’m sorry to hear that you were bullied on-line. People can be very mean and insensitive and use the “anonymous distance” that a computer affords to be cruel in ways they would never do in person. I can see how this would leave you feeling hurt, confused and exhausted. I think it’s great that you tried to help people and it sounds like many of them appreciated it. For every person with praise you may also find a critic. The people attacking you were probably just jealous or felt like being mean. Try not to take what they said personally; they DON’T KNOW YOU so they are in NO POSITION to judge. It was wise to stop attending that chat forum. Being on a site where people say mean things to you or about you is not good for your self-esteem and self-image. There must be other places on-line for you to chat with people. Be wary of chat rooms and people who start to be mean to you. Never give your REAL name or where you live; there are some dangerous people out there who use the web to hurt people. Keeping yourself emotionally and physically safe is the most important thing; and let’s face it, on-line chatting should be fun…if it’s not…it’s time to log-out. I hope you have better luck in the future. Take care and keep trying to help others and share your gifts