Start a Kids Help Phone School Club

Create a positive impact. Join a movement. Build leadership skills. Earn volunteer hours.

About the program

Kids Help Phone School Clubs gives you the training and activities to make emotional health and wellness a priority in your school. As an official club, you’ll be able to:

  • share information about Kids Help Phone’s counselling services
  • spread awareness for key dates related to emotional health and well-being
  • help alleviate some of the stress of being a student through wellness activities

Starting a Kids Help Phone Club

  1. Sign up to start a club below.
  2. Get a teacher and at least one student to join your club.
  3. Take the Kids Help Phone training.
  4. Become an official Kids Help Phone School Club and gain access to club activities.
  5. Start making an impact in your school!

“As a student, I think joining a school club is an important step to become more involved in issues students care about such as stress, mental health, relationships and family. Knowing how to deal with these issues can help you or your friends. You should start a club if you are passionate about making in difference and want to work with like-minded youth!”
— Varun Kundra, student volunteer, grade 10


By signing up for a Kids Help Phone School Club, you acknowledge that a Kids Help Phone team member will contact you with more details about our school clubs programming.

If you'd like to order Kids Help Phone materials (four posters and 150 wallet cards), please fill out this form.

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