Counsellor in the Classroom

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Kids Help Phone’s Counsellor in the Classroom Program promotes the discussion of mental health and well-being among young people in Grades 6 through 8. Classes that participate will gain a better understanding of what mental health is and learn more about Kids Help Phone’s services. The program is divided into two parts — the first portion is led by the teacher and is followed by a 45-minute phone conversation between the class and a Kids Help Phone counsellor.

Program goals

  • help students learn about mental health
  • destigmatize help-seeking behaviours
  • encourage well-being
  • provide information to students about Kids Help Phone’s services

Counsellor in the Classroom update!

We know that school this year may look a little different for young people across Canada. That’s why we’ve updated the Counsellor in the Classroom Program to offer more core and optional activities. These activities are led by educators and cover a variety of mental health and well-being topics.

Educators can decide how and when these activities are completed with their students. They can be facilitated in person or through distance learning. They can be completed all within one week or spread out during the school year. Register for the Counsellor in the Classroom Program below!

Once your registration is confirmed, you’ll receive the Educators Resource Booklet that outlines all of the activities and provides more information about the program.

Upon registration in the program, teachers will receive a program package including:

  • an educational resource booklet for Grades 6, 7 and 8. This booklet includes:
    • a lesson plan
    • prep activities (e.g. “What is mental health?” and “What’s in my backpack?”)
    • multiple extension activities
    • debrief suggestions (e.g. what to do after the call with the counsellor)
    • a glossary of terms for young people
    • an overview of Kids Help Phone’s services
  • Kids Help Phone posters
  • wallet cards for students with Kids Help Phone’s website and phone number

The following outlines what will happen during the session with a counsellor:

  1. The counsellor will begin by talking about Kids Help Phone and the services we have to offer.
  2. The counsellor will prompt a conversation about why it’s hard to reach out for help sometimes, especially about an emotional or mental health issue.
  3. The counsellor may speak to common questions they’ve been asked by young people in previous sessions.
  4. The call will be opened up to the classroom for questions.


Thank you for your interest in Kids Help Phone’s Counsellor in the Classroom Program. Kids Help Phone is able to offer our Counsellor in the Classroom Program to schools and communities across Canada through the generous support of funders. Our program is best suited to Grades 6 through 8, and there are a limited number of sessions each school year. Registration does not always guarantee a session, as we’re dependent on funding and availability. Please note your class may be placed on a wait list. Once you’ve completed your registration form, a member of the Counsellor in the Classroom team will be in touch to confirm availability. Thank you!

Fill out the registration form.


If you have questions, or for more information, please contact us.