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    Welcome to Kids Help Phone Insights!

    Young people’s strengths & struggles can be an indicator of the mental health landscape in Canada. Get insights by exploring our data.

    What is Kids Help Phone Insights?

    About Kids Help Phone Insights

    Kids Help Phone Insights is a showcase of anonymous (meaning no personal / identifying details) and aggregated (meaning not individual) data from conversations we have with people across Canada.

    By sharing this data, we want to remind folks that they’re never alone, and that they can find hope, strength and community from coast to coast to coast. We also want to share our learnings from the frontlines of mental health and well-being in Canada while continuing to respect people’s privacy and our values.

    Although people’s strengths and struggles are more than a data point, we hope the information on this platform acts as a compass to help you find support, shape policies / programs and more.

    What are people sharing, and how are they feeling after contacting Kids Help Phone?

    View our datasets and survey results to dig deeper into the issues young people are sharing with our counsellors and crisis responders, and how they’re feeling after their conversation.

    What are some notable data points in Canada?

    We hear from people in communities all across Canada. The map below shows where people are reaching out from.

    Get more insights by province / territory

    What are people saying
    about Kids Help Phone’s services?

    Sharing what you’re going through with someone you trust can really help — that’s why Kids Help Phone is always there. But how do people feel after asking for the support they need? This real-life quote captures how people may be feeling after connecting with us.

    Where can I read
    answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)?

    Do you want to learn more about Kids Help Phone Insights? Check out answers to our most frequently asked questions to learn how we collect our data, how it can be used and more.

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