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Photography credit: Jah Grey

Black youth across Canada can access wellness support 24/7 by texting RISE to 686868 or Facebook Messenger.

What is RiseUp powered by Kids Help Phone?

Kids Help Phone hears directly from young people about the impacts of anti-Black racism each and every day. We also know that when Black folks need mental health support, they’re often met with limited options and inadequate care.

RiseUp powered by Kids Help Phone is Canada’s first national, 24/7, bilingual e-mental health support service for Black youth. The service is free and available from coast to coast to coast.

It’s built in collaboration with Black community partners and people from across the Afro-diaspora. We are incredibly grateful to our lead donor, The Slaight Family Foundation, and other generous donors for their support of the program.

Black youth can text RISE to 686868 or Facebook Messenger to connect with a trained, volunteer crisis responder. Our crisis responders will listen to you and help you sort through what’s on your mind. Your conversation is confidential. You can learn more about our texting service and duty to report (to emergency services, if you’re in danger) by reading our privacy policy.

(School hallway with students and lockers)
(A student opens their locker)
How do they expect us to care about school right now?
(Another student touches their braids)
I really hope no one touches my hair today.
(Another student looks up and down the hallway)
No one gets it. Why do I even try?
(The student holds out a phone)
Kids Help Phone is here for all youth.
Text RISE to 686868
(Kids Help Phone’s logo and contact information)

How can I support Black youth, too?

Our texting service is looking for volunteer crisis responders who identify as Black to apply for our training. If you identify as African, Caribbean, Black or a part of the Afro-diaspora and want to find out more about this opportunity, you can read our FAQ page and apply here. (Don’t forget to let us know that you applied through RiseUp powered by Kids Help Phone!)

How can I raise awareness of RiseUp?

For other ways to help support Black folks and mental health in your community, you can download the images below to raise awareness and share Kids Help Phone’s e-mental health services with your network.

Facebook and Twitter images

RiseUp powered by Kids Help Phone social media image with Kids Help Phone’s contact information

Instagram images

Where can I find additional support for Black youth?

For more information about RiseUp powered by Kids Help Phone, please use our general inquiry form to contact us or reach out to Tamar Brannigan, manager of Black Youth Initiatives, a program supported by The Slaight Family Foundation, at (416) 586-5437 ext. 8531 or

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