About Kids Help Phone

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7 e-mental health service offering free, multilingual and confidential support to help all young people Feel Out Loud.
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Fulfilling our promise

The challenges facing young people in Canada have grown more complex, and youth need access to the supports that are most relevant to them. To achieve our vision, it’s critical that we meet these challenges — and quickly.

Demonstrating trustworthiness

Kids Help Phone has been accredited since 2013 by Imagine Canada’s Standards Program for excellence in the charitable sector in five key areas:

  • financial accountability and transparency
  • fundraising
  • staff management
  • volunteer involvement
  • board governance

Our History

Kids Help Phone has a history of creating innovative supports for critical issues young people face. We began in 1989 as a unique telephone counselling service, launched to provide free, accessible support to any young person connecting with us from coast to coast to coast.

Our focus was supporting young people experiencing abuse, but almost immediately, young people let us know they needed more from the service than one focus and one way to contact us.

For over 35 years, we’ve evolved our response and offerings. We concentrate on staying relevant to youth, recognizing the complexity of issues they face, and we help to ensure our professional counsellors and volunteer crisis responders are ready to address young people’s continuum of emotional and mental health needs, from crisis situations to the everyday concerns of growing up. Because no challenge is too big, and no feeling is too small.

Everyone’s life is unique and so is their mental health. Kids Help Phone understands that, and we’re evolving to help you find the support that’s right for you, right when you need it.

We’ve designed our website to best support you as you take care of your mental health and well-being. You’ll find all kinds of services and tools so you can watch, play, read and chat.

Learn about lots of topics, like how to take care of your mind and body.

Talk to a professional counsellor on the phone or by live chat. They’ll listen and support you with what you’re going through.

If you need help right now, you can text a crisis responder. No issue is too big or too small.

Join the Peer-to-Peer Community. Share your story and connect with other young people like you for support.

Find in-person or virtual support services near you.

Try a game, quiz or activity to build your skills.

For all youth across Canada, we have the support you need. For more information, visit KidsHelpPhone.ca.

Get to know Kids Help Phone’s services

Throughout our history, we’ve tested and launched new service offerings, continually evaluating and improving the quality of our services and the impact we have on young lives. This momentum has been propelled by a growing base of supporters committed to supporting youth in Canada.

Fast forward to today. We know that Kids Help Phone has become more essential than ever before. So has our goal of transforming to meet the needs of young people in Canada. Our commitment to showing up for youth in distress has never wavered.

As a part of our strategic objective of maximizing access, we’re committed now more than ever to connecting with more people in every corner of Canada.

Our services

Mental health tips and info

With Kids Help Phone’s web resources, young people can get information about how their thoughts, feelings and behaviours are connected and what they can do to care for their well-being.

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Crisis support

If young people need help right now, they can text a trained, volunteer crisis responder at Kids Help Phone about anything they’re going through. No issue is too big or too small.

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Professional counselling

Young people can work with a professional counsellor at Kids Help Phone over the phone or through online chat to better understand what they’re going through.

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Quizzes, games & activities

Young people can access tools, tips and resources on Kids Help Phone’s website to help build their skills and improve their wellness in the way that feels best for them.

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Support forums & real-life stories

Young people can connect with other youth and explore lived experiences across Canada using the Peer-to-Peer Community at Kids Help Phone.

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Youth mental health data insights

On Kids Help Phone Insights, people across Canada can find out what youth are contacting us about as a reminder they’re never alone.

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A support service directory

Youth can search for physical and virtual support programs and services nearest their community that are available to kids, teens and young adults using our Resources Around Me database.

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Support for post-secondary students

Good2Talk is a free, confidential service providing professional counselling, crisis support and information and referrals to post-secondary students in Ontario and Nova Scotia, 24/7.

Try Good2Talk.ca

Wellness support for all ages

With Wellness Together Canada (a web portal by the Government of Canada, Kids Help Phone, Stepped Care Solutions and Homewood Health), mental health and substance use support for all ages is just a click away.

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You can save and change the lives of young people

Thanks to our growing community, Kids Help Phone offers free, 24/7 e-mental health services to young people in Canada. Your generosity helps ensure that someone is always there when support is needed for any issue, big or small.

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