Kids Help Phone ready and prepared with youth support service during cannabis ‘legalization‘

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OCTOBER 16, 2018 – TORONTO, ON – In advance of tomorrow’s cannabis legalization, Kids Help Phone is reminding young people, the adults in their lives, teachers, and the general public that their support team is available and at-the-ready should youth need a safe place to go to and talk.

“Cannabis legalization is a landscape change in Canada,” said Alisa Simon, Vice President of Service Innovation + Chief Youth Officer at Kids Help Phone. “We know that for many this change brings questions, concerns, and emotions about what this is going to mean for them. And they are not alone. Now is the time to remember that our counsellors are ready, prepared and willing to help.”

For over 30 years, Kids Help Phone has been speaking with young people and those in their lives about issues big and small. In that time, many of the conversations that have taken place involved topics and issues related to cannabis.

“For us, talking about cannabis is nothing new,” said Jennifer Murdoch, Associate Vice President of Youth Experience and Program Operations. “Since our first phone call in 1989, we have seen changes in technology, laws, and political leanings and have been dedicated to navigating these waters for the youth we serve every day.”

“While the impacts of legalization are still to be determined,” she continued, “we will continue – as we have always done – to serve young people. Our priority is to ensure they access the support they need.”

Last year, Kids Help Phone had 1.4 million touchpoints with young people across Canada.

Simon said; “With cannabis legalization, just as with any other landscape change that impacts the lives of young people, we anticipate that we will need to be there even more in the coming years. To enable that, we need funding to ensure we are there for young people across Canada 24/7, 365 days a year.”

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