Feel Out Loud and show support with KHP merch

Kids Help Phone (KHP) and Shine The Light On (STLO) are celebrating young people and self-expression with the Feel Out Loud collection, a new line of KHP merch.

Sing. Scream. Cry. Whisper. Young people can truly thrive when they’re able to express how they’re feeling — in whatever ways are best for them.

To help remind youth in Canada they don’t have to carry their feelings on their own, KHP created a new line of vibrant, dynamic KHP apparel and accessories.

The Feel Out Loud collection celebrates young people and the right to let your emotions out and wear your feelings on your sleeve. It’s available to shop online. Select items commemorate KHP’s 35-year history and display KHP’s phone numbers / other contact information.

Pink hooded sweatshirt with green print that reads "686868"

When “fine” isn’t fine, there’s a space to let all the feelings out.

Are you interested in being a champion for youth mental health, rallying your workplace for BMO Walk so Kids Can Talk, or participating in a Counsellor in the Classroom session? You can start collecting pieces (e.g. KHP hoodies, pants, shirts, bags, hats, etc.) from the Feel Out Loud collection to show your support!

It’s available online and select items commemorate KHP’s 35-year history, display KHP’s phone numbers / other contact information and highlight ways youth can express their emotions. To support the movement you can browse the Feel Out Loud collection on STLO’s website.

100% of the profits from the Feel Out Loud collection support youth and their mental health at KHP.


For some of the feels, all of the feels and the “I don’t know what I’m feeling” feels, young people can explore KHP’s e-mental health resources.


Did you know one in two youth struggle with their mental health alone? To help unlock hope for more kids to thrive in their worlds, you can give a gift today.


If you have a question about the Feel Out Loud collection (e.g. about payment, shipping, sizing, privacy, etc.), you can connect with the team at STLO.