Feelings chart: Discover ways to feel out loud

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 Everyone has feelings. 
 And everyone deserves a place 
 to share those feelings. 

Kids Help Phone (KHP) is making space for young people across Canada to feel out loud (express their feelings in a way that’s best for them). Everyone is welcome and every feeling is invited.

Where can I give my
feelings a place to go?
Try KHP’s feelings chart!

You can choose an emotion from the list below that best describes how you’re feeling in this moment. This will guide you toward a selection of resources that may be helpful, especially if you’re not sure where to start.

Choose an option from the words above

:’ ) thank you for making me feel important and heard

— person contacting Kids Help Phone

Besides the feelings chart, how else might I find mental health support?


76% of people shared feelings or experiences with KHP they’ve never shared with anyone else.

Get Insights

However you identify, wherever you live, whoever you are ⁠— there’s a place for your feelings to go. You can turn to KHP and / or your community of support to feel out loud, at any time, and in whatever ways feel best for you. However you choose to feel out loud, it’s all about empowering yourself to let your feelings out (instead of keeping them in). This might mean:

KHP is available 24/7/365 (even on weekends and holidays!). Our e-mental health services are also free, private and available anywhere in Canada. You can learn more about your options by tapping on the resources below:

More trusted services from KHP and partners

Searching for ways to help support young people across Canada as they discover what feel out loud means to them? You can join our movement to break down mental health barriers and offer help in all sizes at KidsHelpPhone.ca/Donate.

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