I feel alone — are there any real-life stories I can read?

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Whether it’s big or small, feeling like you’re facing something on your own can be really hard. Did you know that Kids Help Phone features people across Canada (and the globe!) on our website to share a variety of perspectives and experiences? Our collection of real-life stories is always available to inspire and remind you that there are people out there who have similar lived experiences.

When we’re dealing with something difficult, it can feel like there’s no one else in the world who thinks / feels the same as we do. If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Seriously. Everyone from coast to coast to coast finds strength and has struggles from time to time. It’s OK to have these thoughts and feelings (video from AboutKidsHealth), and we want to let you know that your well-being matters and support is available.

Sometimes, learning about someone else’s story (video series from CBC Kids News) can help us feel less isolated. Here, we’ve rounded up our first-person stories, profiles, interviews, personal tips and more for you to read.

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You can keep reading for additional real-life stories and inspirational quotes about self-care, bullying and more below!

We hope these real-life stories remind you that you’re never alone and that everyone has successes and struggles in their lives. Reading about others’ experiences and talking a situation out with someone you trust can help.

You can connect with Kids Help Phone’s counsellors and crisis responders 24/7 for support. You can also visit Kids Help Phone Insights to see what other young people are reaching out to us about!