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On July 24, 2019, Kids Help Phone celebrated International Self-Care Day with an Instagram Q&A. We asked the community, “What do you do for self-care?” Here, we share a collection of the self-care tips we received from people just like you. Check out their suggestions for inspiration and new ways to practice self-care in your daily life!

  1. “Meditation”
  2. “It’s hard for me to take care of myself so the best thing that helps me is to shower :)”
  3. “Watching YouTube, music, spending time alone, I don’t really know to be honest”
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  1. “Go to the gym or do pilates, read, go for a long walk while listening to music, take a really hot bath”
  2. “I head down to my local bakery and have a little treat there 😊🍩”
  3. “I paint! It’s euphoric and meditative. And it’s relatively cheap/affordable.”
  4. “I disconnect from online platforms and exercise :)”
  5. “Listening to comedy podcasts such as The Comedy Button”
  6. “I take my dog for a walk”
  7. “I stretch! It helps my body know it’s time to relax”
  8. “I bake or draw, drawing actually helps me get into a focused mood along with a calm one”
  9. “I spend time with my hamster 🐹 and go for a bike ride/walk in the nature when it’s sunny”
  10. “Making sure I am listening to my physical needs (esp body cues – they tell us so much!)”
  11. “I listen to music, write, draw, watch YouTube and talk to friends :)”
  12. “I eat healthy and do some sports”
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  1. “Play guitar and sing. Let it all out!!! ❤”
  2. “Baths can do wonders to relax the mind, I try to take one whenever I need me time.”
  3. “Quiet reflection time to write, every morning.”
  4. “I write down how I’m feeling and why and then draw it while listening to music”
  5. “Gym. Read. Dog snuggles. Bubble bath.”
  6. “Scrapbooking”
  7. “Talk to my online friends or draw what I’m feeling!”
  8. “Play with my neighbor’s black kitty”
  9. “Go for a walk :)”
  10. “Taking a shower, cleaning my room or going outside… Making sure I take care of myself, etc.”
  11. “Sleep”
  12. “I make edits :)”
  13. “Hammock time”
  14. “I take care of my appearance and get out into the world”
  15. “I do stuff even when I feel low and reward myself by having a night of fun”
  16. “Paint miniatures and listen to music!”
  17. “I watch Netflix, listen to music, take a bath and do some meditation”
  18. “Sleep! And do something calming like drink tea and draw.”
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  1. “Video games with my friends!”
  2. “I just go on daily runs and make sure I have proper hygiene.”

Practicing self-care can help you be kind to your mind, body and spirit and take time for YOU! If you’d like more self-care tips or support, you can always contact Kids Help Phone.

You can follow @kidshelpphone on Instagram for more stories, tips and info on topics like self-care, mental and emotional health and more!

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