10 ways to live a more balanced life

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Feeling overwhelmed with things to do can be tough. Here are some ways to start living a more balanced life.

School, work, family, friends, hobbies… Sometimes, the things you need to do can feel like they’re taking over and you have no time or energy for the things you want to do. But there are things you can do to help you feel more centred. Here are some ideas for living a more balanced life:

  • Identify priorities: figuring out what your priorities are and focusing on those can help you determine what’s most important to you in life.
  • Set goals: setting realistic goals can help you concentrate on what takes priority in your life. Your goals can relate to your well-being, school, a hobby or something else.
  • Stay organized: keeping track of what you have going on in a calendar or agenda can help you stay organized so things don’t slip through the cracks. This allows you to plan your time more purposefully and feel more prepared if something comes up at the last minute.
  • Take time: sometimes it’s helpful to give yourself permission to “just be” without having to do something. You can take time on your own to reflect or hang out with family and friends. Both can be beneficial for mental and emotional well-being.
  • Look at the big picture: every day is going to have its ups and downs. Although it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, try not to worry too much about the little things. Meditating and practicing self-acceptance can help you look at the big picture.
  • Take care of yourself: it’s important to take care of yourself (and even treat yourself) from time to time. Try taking a warm bath, writing in a journal or doing your favourite activity to lower your stress levels.
  • Try a digital detox: part of living a more balanced life is spending your time effectively. Technology may play a big role in your life, but it’s OK to put down your devices and take time to read, go outside or visit a loved one.
  • Get involved: fill your time with activities that enrich your life. You could volunteer your time, pick up a new hobby or try out a new extracurricular activity. (It’s also OK to take a step back from activities you no longer enjoy in favour of something more nurturing.)
  • Get well: exercising often and eating right can give your mind and body the fuel they need to function properly. Regular doctor and dentist checkups also help you maintain good health.
  • Get support: if you need help balancing the pressures of school, work, family, friends or anything else, you can talk to a relative, teacher, doctor or other safe adult. You can always call a Kids Help Phone counsellor at 1-800-668-6868, too.

Living a more balanced life is about finding harmony and enjoying things in moderation. Taking time for yourself and getting support when you need it can help you feel more fulfilled.